Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a list of commonly asked questions.

We deliver most of the modules with the Human Capital Management pillar of Oracle Cloud applications though if you want to add modules outside of this, you can create them yourself.

While our focus has been specifically on Oracle Cloud HCM Applications, any type of software consulting is supported.  You can simply create your own modules and custom fields then upload your requirement/design templates.

WorkStreamr provides flexibility with the use of custom fields so that any methodology can be adopted.  If there are features that can be added to better adopt to one or more methodologies, please let us know.

Yes, WorkStreamr has been designed for use within a company to setup standards and uniformity in the documentation process.  Each company’s data is siloed so that baseline templates added by that company are only available to that company’s users. Please use the contact form below to set up a time to discuss the next steps in setting up your team with WorkStreamr.

If you’re the first employee at your company to try WorkStreamr, you qualify for a free account.  Our hope is that once you and your team see the value of WorkStreamr, your company will invest in using it for all employees.  Use the contact form below to start getting your account set up.  We can also help you strategize on the best way to approach your company regarding using this tool.

If you’re independent and implement at least one full oracle cloud implementation per year, you qualify for a free account. Contact us below and we’ll get you setup.