Introducing WorkStreamr

A cloud-based application that helps Oracle Cloud Consultants more effectively gather requirements, track open items, and capture client sign-off.  This allows you as the consultancy owner the ability to win more deals, reduce employee burnout through improved productivity, and ensure the highest level of confidence from every client.


Win More Deals

Demonstrate to prospective clients that your team follows a proven framework for successful cloud implementations.  This means every consultant is aligned on documentation standards, industry best practices, and stakeholder engagement. The WorkStreamr platform achieves this by incorporating your company branding, methodology, and baseline documentation into every project.

Prevent Employee Burnout

Consultants at smaller consulting companies sometimes have to wear many hats; working across multiple modules and for multiple clients simultaneously with long hours.  Creating and maintaining key deliverables such as design documents can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. WorkStreamr improves employee productivity by 20% or more through it’s simple user-interface and template system.

Get the Reference

Clients must have total confidence in the implementation partner as a company as well as each lead consultant.  When confidence is lacking, clients will request for changes to resources, timelines, and scope, or even switch implementation partners altogether.  Use the WorkStreamr platform to rapidly build out design specifications and capture sign-off from key stakeholders to ensure every client is reference-able.