Introducing WorkStreamr

A cloud-based application that helps Oracle Cloud Consultants more effectively gather requirements, track open items, and capture client sign-off.  This allows you as the consultancy owner the ability to win more deals, reduce employee burnout through improved productivity, and ensure the highest level of confidence from every client.


Win More Deals

Demonstrate to prospective clients that your team follows a proven framework for successful cloud implementations.  This means every consultant is aligned on documentation standards, industry best practices, and stakeholder engagement. The WorkStreamr platform achieves this by incorporating your company branding, methodology, and baseline documentation into every project.

Prevent Employee Burnout

Consultants at smaller consulting companies sometimes have to wear many hats; working across multiple modules and for multiple clients simultaneously with long hours.  Creating and maintaining key deliverables such as design documents can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. WorkStreamr improves employee productivity by 20% or more through it's simple user-interface and template system.

Get the Reference

Clients must have total confidence in the implementation partner as a company as well as each lead consultant.  When confidence is lacking, clients will request for changes to resources, timelines, and scope, or even switch implementation partners altogether.  Use the WorkStreamr platform to rapidly build out design specifications and capture sign-off from key stakeholders to ensure every client is reference-able.

How it Works

First create a new project and select the Oracle modules being implemented, then choose a requirements template from our library or upload your own.  Update descriptive fields for each requirement such as Priority, Fit %, Solution Description, or create your own custom fields.  Once your design document is ready for sign off, send it to your client for review and approval, all from within WorkStreamr.  See the features below to understand how WorkStreamr will help you win more deals, increase employee productivity, and garner client confidence.

Template Library
Establish baseline documents for your team by using our delivered Oracle Cloud HCM requirements and scoping templates or upload your own.
Simple User Interface
Create requirements in just 5 clicks vs 13 in Excel.  Drag and drop to re-order or duplicate with a single click.
Custom Fields
Want to use Priority instead of Fit? Change the name and values of fields to match your company methodology.
Real-time Insights
Project managers can view the status and progress of design documents as they are being updated.
Company Branding
Upload your consultancy's logo to display on every page in the application, making the system look like your own proprietary software.
Import & Export
Easily import your existing baseline documents into WorkStreamr or export them back into excel.
Sign-off Feedback
Manage scope creep and changes to design by capturing client feedback with two clicks (no login needed).
Beyond Oracle
We deliver the modules for Oracle Cloud HCM.  Want more? Create your own for any type of implementation.

Sign Up for Early Access

WorkStreamr is currently in private beta testing though we are slowly adding more beta testers.  If you want to be added to the list to get access as soon as we open up more slots, enter your best email address below.  We'll also let you know when we officially launch.

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WorkStreamr is the brainchild of Rey Marques, an Independent Oracle Cloud Consultant with 10 years experience.  Rey started at KBACE Technologies in 2012 and focused exclusively on Oracle Cloud Applications.  After dozens of full-scale implementations, Rey became frustrated with the inefficiencies of the entire documentation process which consisted of Word and Excel files that were shared among team members and clients. When Rey became independent in 2018, he discovered that many small and medium-sized consulting companies aren't able to manage baseline documentation such as scoping questionnaires, requirement fit gaps, and test scripts.  They don't have the budget or the resources to keep pace with the barrage of updates provided by Oracle Cloud Applications. This puts them at a major disadvantage against larger implementation partners, such as the big four, who have many dedicated team members responsible for updating baseline documents and adhering to specific project management methodologies. WorkStreamr changes all of that by empowering smaller consulting companies with baseline scoping and requirements templates for Oracle Cloud modules as well as a streamlined user interface that simplifies the creation, updating, and approval of these key deliverables.  WorkStreamr also allows custom branding so that WorkStreamr looks like proprietary software developed by your own company.  Rey has made it his mission to help these smaller consulting companies effectively compete with larger players in the industry.

Rey Marques

Rey Marques


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a list of commonly asked questions.

We deliver most of the modules with the Human Capital Management pillar of Oracle Cloud applications though if you want to add modules outside of this, you can create them yourself.

While our focus has been specifically on Oracle Cloud HCM Applications, any type of software consulting is supported.  You can simply create your own modules and custom fields then upload your requirement/design templates.

WorkStreamr provides flexibility with the use of custom fields so that any methodology can be adopted.  If there are features that can be added to better adopt to one or more methodologies, please let us know.

Yes, WorkStreamr has been designed for use within a company to setup standards and uniformity in the documentation process.  Each company's data is siloed so that baseline templates added by that company are only available to that company's users. Please use the contact form below to set up a time to discuss the next steps in setting up your team with WorkStreamr.

If you’re the first employee at your company to try WorkStreamr, you qualify for a free account.  Our hope is that once you and your team see the value of WorkStreamr, your company will invest in using it for all employees.  Use the contact form below to start getting your account set up.  We can also help you strategize on the best way to approach your company regarding using this tool.

If you’re independent and implement at least one full oracle cloud implementation per year, you qualify for a free account. Contact us below and we’ll get you setup.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about how we can support your business please reach out using the form below or by contacting Rey Marques directly on LinkedIn.